Thank you pages are what you see after you submit most forms for the vast majority of businesses today.

Thank you pages can come in the form of a simple text notification that shows once a person submits their form or you can opt to send this person to a new landing page or area of your website.

To create a thank you page…

  • Click Publish> Web forms

  • Select the Web form you wish to create a thank you page for or click Add new

  • Under Form Settings> Settings you will find the Confirmation Options area

Here you have 3 different options or variations of a “thank you” action:

  1. Alert Message: simple text that will show up once a person clicks to submit their response to your web form.

  2. Redirect to Landing Page: create a landing page to act as your “thank you” and select it from the drop down menu. Maybe you have a special promotional offer or coupon to give as a thank you once submitting? The options are limitless and truly up to you.

3. Redirect to Website: If someone is requesting information about a certain product, perhaps you’d like to send them back to what they were doing so they can learn more about other offerings/similar products? Here is where you enter the URL destination you’d like them to end up at after submitting.

Having trouble creating your thank you page?

Give us a shout and we’ll speed things up for you.