Installing the Leadsius tracking code helps you keep track of how well your website is generating traffic and leads as well as what you can do to improve your website traffic and lead intelligence.

Note: For landing pages created in Leadsius, you don't need to install the tracking code.

If you DO have access to the HTML of your website (or to your content management system) you can complete the steps below yourself.
If you DO NOT have access to your website's HTML, you can:

1. Email the tracking code and the link to this article to your IT administrator. He/she should know what to do.

2. Create a user account for your IT administrator in Leadsius and send them the link to this article.

  • Click on Settings > Tracker script, in the left-hand panel
  • Follow the instructions in Leadsius to copy and install the code (see screenshot below)

The next step is to verify your website. Learn how in the article Verify your website.

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