Four landing page templates have been created in Leadsius, designed to get you the best website traffic conversion rate possible:

  • Book a demo
  • Thank you
  • Event
  • Guide

Access the landing page templates in Leadsius under Publish > Landing pages > Editor. To edit the landing page, click on the landing page of your choice.

For each but the Thank you landing page template, the web form has already been embedded on the landing page. To read more about web form templates, click here.

Book a demo template

One of the most important CTAs for a visitor coming to your website is a sales-oriented CTA such as a demo of your product or service, a meeting, free consultation, etc. Book a demo template has been created to bring your lead to a close - your buyer has stated that he/she needs help, and an instant notification is sent to your salesperson. 

Thank you template

A thank you page is the site page that someone is redirected to after filling out a form on your landing page, for example an event registration. Use the Thank you template as your next opportunity to nurture the lead down the sales funnel. 

Event template

Use the Event template to provide valuable information and create interest for all your events, conferences, and webinar needs. 

Guide template

White papers and eBooks should be the foundational assets of your content marketing strategy. Use the Guide template to manage your gated content download and bring your buyer closer to a sales CTA such as a demo.

For further instructions, see the following articles:

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