Most SMBs don’t have a team of web developers, programmers and graphic designers to build custom-made landing pages and campaigns. Using ready-made templates can be a fast, easy way to boost ROI and become self-sufficient in a quickest way possible.
There is now a set of ready-to-use templates for landing pages and for emails available in Leadsius. Tweak and customize templates to suit your needs rather than starting from scratch.
Landing page templates in Leadsius have been designed to get you the best website traffic conversion rate possible. Four templates are available:

  • Book a demo
  • Thank you
  • Event
  • Guide

For all new accounts in Leadsius, web forms with dummy texts have been created and embedded on the landing pages. The only thing you need to do is customize the texts and design to suit your company needs.
Start using landing page templates in Leadsius, click here.
Email templates in Leadsius are a simple way to create an email and design visually appealing campaigns to reach your audience. There are three email templates available:

  • Basic template
  • Newsletter template
  • Personal email template 

Start using email templates in Leadsius, click here.
You can get the templates customized to fit your business needs and look and feel as part of the Leadsius onboarding package. Read more here 

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