To create a new email using the drag & drop editor, you should first go to Publish > Emails > Emails. Click "Add new":

You're now going to be offered to create an email using one of two editors: 

After naming your email and selecting Drag and drop editor, click "Create a new email". You will now be presented with the option to create an email from scratch or select a template that we've provided:

At any point throughout working with your email design, you can Save & Close to exit working with your email. After doing so, you will now notice that the table showcasing all of your previously saved emails now tells you whether an email was created using the HTML editor or the Drag and drop editor.

What's more, with a click of that black wheel-looking thingy (settings) to the right of each email, you can now duplicate your emails. Your new emails will be displayed with the word "Copy" placed in front of it's original name.

*Please note that in this first version of the drag & drop editor, you cannot save your emails as a template. Please use the duplicate feature for this functionality:

For more on using the drag and drop email editor, view our video here.

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