With our new drag & drop email editor, you're able to create beautiful emails that look great across mobile devices with screens of different sizes. Below we outline some of the features that fall under the umbrella of mobile responsiveness.

1. Fluidity
A column set adjusts its width to its container element. Because of their relative sizing the columns can change their absolute width when viewed on smaller devices, keeping their ratio to each other the same.

If you rather want a column to stay at a fixed width you can “Lock” its width to the desktop pixel size.

If that is not possible you may want to hide a column entirely on mobile device rather than to be displayed in too small size.

In mobile view the Button fills its container horizontally by default, making it easier to push on smaller devices. This is another example of "fluid" behavior. You can turn that off if you want to keep your buttons size.

2. Responsivity (Mobile settings)
By default, the columns next to each other get rearranged in mobile view to below each other. This is happening in order to keep the text as much readable as possible. But in some cases you may want to turn this behavior off. This can be done with the “Reorder columns on mobile” switch.

And in some rare cases where the whole column set cannot be used well on mobile phone in any form, you can hide the whole set.

For more on creating columns within your email templates using our drag & drop editor, visit this support article.

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