CTA buttons can be viewed as the key to unlocking your offer or content; for this reason we provide you with the ability to create highly visual & creative CTA buttons with our drag & drop email editor.

The Button is the obvious place of interaction in your template. This is the element with which you usually want to trigger some action from the user:

Because it has such an importance, we made a lot of options available for Buttons.

  • You can set the link where the Button should take the user.
  • You can adjust the border radius the Button has.
  • You can align the button in its container element.
  • You can set the Buttons width to adjust to the text it is containing, or to be a fixed width in pixels.
  • In mobile view the Button fills its container horizontally by default, making it easier to push on smaller devices. This behavior is called Fluid. You can turn that off if you want to keep your buttons size.
  • Buttons have Margin and Padding just like a Box. The Padding sets the Button’s height, together with the size of the Button’s text. It also can set the Button’s width, if the sizing is set to Fit to text. The Margin has the same function then in the case of other elements – to keep distance from other elements.
  • You can set the Borders of a Button the same way as for a Box or Image.
  • You have the option to set the Buttons background color or to choose a background image. The background image is a great option in case you want a custom Button design that is not achievable by just coloring and setting borders.
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