The Contacts section of Leadsius helps you keep track of everyone that your company has been in contact with. 

There are four ways to add contacts to Leadsius:

  1. Manually (Learn more).
  2. By importing contacts from a .CSV file (see instructions below).
  3. From a Leadsius web form.
  4. Through our API.

To import contacts, click on Actions > Import, and follow the instructions:

Click on the Search for a file to add and then browse your computer for the .CSV file of contacts that you would like to import:

Select the file you would like to import and click the Open button.

Leadsius accepts .CSV files with comma- or semicolon-separated value. You can easily create a .CSV file by opening an existing Excel file, selecting “Save As,” and setting the file format to “comma separated values .csv”.

Make sure to save the file as Unicode (UTF-8):

  • Under Save as, click on Tools in the bottom right corner.
  • Chose Web options, then the Encoding tab.
  • Chose Unicode (UTF-8), OK and Save.
.CSV file formatting tips

1. Make sure there are no duplicate email addresses in the file (if you use Excel, you can do this under Data > Remove duplicates)
2. Make sure email addresses only contain '.' and no ',' (if you use Excel, you can do this under Home > Find & select > Replace)
3. Ensure your file has a header row at the top containing the name of each column
4. Each field in a row should contain a value – avoid blank cells
Each record, including the header, must contain the same number of fields
5. The last field in the row should not contain a comma or other field delimiter
6. There should be no empty rows at the end of the file

Number formatting
Use the plain #######.## format for numbers – remove thousand separator commas (,) currency symbols ($), and percentage signs (%))

Select With header if your file contains headers to identify a column
From the drop-down menu under Delimeter, chose a comma (',') or a semicolon (';')
Click on Continue:

Match the headers from your .CSV file to the correct Leadsius field.

  • Using the drop-down menu, match the fields from your .CSV file with corresponding standard fields in Leadsius.
  • Click on Continue:

Under List tab, you can select to add your contacts to an existing list, or create a new list of contacts. 

  • To assign the imported contacts to an existing list, select an existing list from the Lists menu.
  • If you wish to add your contacts to a new list, create a name for the new list under New list, click on the New list button below, then select the newly created list from the Lists menu.
  • Click on Continue:

When importing lists, you may have contacts from that list already exist in Leadsius. For these contacts, you need to select whether you want Leadsius to overwrite existing contact data or add new data to empty fields. 

  • Overwrite the already existing contact data by marking Overwrite existing value.
  • Add new info if the field (e.g. Mobile phone, Title, etc) is empty by choosing Add value if empty:
  • Click on Continue.
  • Under the next tab, click on Finish:

Woohoo! You’ve successfully added your contacts to the list and created your database...

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