Within the Manager section of Leadsius, you’re able to create lists for a wide range of purposes. Lists are a powerful way of dividing, categorizing or segmenting your known contacts for future marketing activities and strategies.

There are two different kinds of lists: smart and static. Smart lists are lists that will update or add contacts over time whereas Static lists remain locked with the contacts that have either been added manually or filtered into the list based upon known criteria.

Examples of each:

Smart list:
A company has a free trial offer and each time someone opens an account, they’re automatically added to a smart list titled, “trial account registrants.”

Static list:
A company plans to host an event for a select clientele base, and therefore goes with a static list that holds only those they wish to invite.

To create a list…

Click on Manager > Lists > Add new

First enter a name and short description of what your list is for  Click Save (Save & Close will exit the list creator):

Decide if you would like to create a Smart or Static list by selecting a radio button option:

If you opt to create a Smart list, you will be prompted to define the rules regarding how Leadsius will know when to add someone to this list by selecting filters:

You're able to use a wide range of filters to define when a person is to be added to your smart list. Here's are some of the filters we offer:

As an example...
Below we've created a filter that tells Leadsius to add a person to my smart list after they've visited my website at least 20 times:

  • If you opt to create a Static list, you will have the option to either add contacts manually or upload them to this list via filtered criteria.
  • Filters can be added the same way to define the criteria your contacts must meet in order to be added to this static list:

As you progress with building lists over time, you’ll have the option of sorting them according to their name, description or type (smart/static)

For more on working with filters, click here.

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