The Landing Page creator in Leadsius is where you can create landing pages for a wide range of uses.

Landing pages are essentially web pages that allow you to capture lead information through the use of lead capture (web) forms. Good landing pages target a particular audience - meaning - when you send a particular campaign or have a particular ad running, this page is where they will land to redeem their offer or perform the intended action.

To create a landing page...
Click on Publish > Landing Pages, & then Landing Pages again (in the left-hand panel)   To create a new landing page, click Add new:

*Note: You can create a new landing page from scratch or use a previously saved landing page. To insert a previously created landing page template...

  1. After clicking Add new, select the Templates tab located next to the Images tab above the editor:

Once selected, a pop-up will show allowing you to choose which template you’d like to insert/use:

Once you’ve inserted a template or decided you will create from scratch...

Fill in all fields to name your landing page, optimize for SERP (search engine result pages) / SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. To save your landing page as a template for future use, select Actions > Save as template in the upper right hand corner:

To embed a web form into your landing page, simply click on Web forms in the editor and select from your previously created/saved forms:

If you don’t have previously saved templates, here are some things you can do to enhance your landing pages. To add a table to your landing page, select Table and work from the drop down menu:

To add sharing elements to your landing page, select the share icon located to the right of the Webforms button:

To preview your landing page at any time, select the eye icon at the very bottom right of the editor:

When finished, simply save and close your work at the bottom of the page:

For more on viewing landing page analytics, visit this support article.

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