To create an email using the html editor…
Click on Publish > Emails > Editor > Add new:

You are offered to create an email using one of two editors, pick html editor.

The templates tab is where you go to upload your previously created email templates:

Here you can select from:

Your own previously created & saved email templates. Leadsius provided email templates uploading your own file for use:

The images tab is where you can upload as well as store images for use within your emails:

Here you can upload, view, insert or delete images by clicking on the black action-wheel:

Editor Documents
The editor documents tab is where you can upload as well as store documents for use within your emails.

Here you can upload files (i.e. PDF documents) to your account, view, insert or delete files by clicking on the black-action wheel:

Landing Pages
The landing pages tab allows you to preview and/or insert a link within your email to a previously created and saved landing page:

Here you can:

  • Preview a previously created & saved landing page.
  • Drop a link to your landing page within your email by clicking on the black-action wheel.

Email Editor Toolbar
The email editor toolbar, similar to that of Microsoft Word, allows you to enhance the functionality of and edit your emails.

Here you can do things such as:

  • Insert custom fields (known as “personalization” tags):
  • Insert custom tables:
  •  Select your font, font size and font color.
  • Insert links.
  • And much more...

Don’t Forget!
Always save your work before moving on by using the buttons at the bottom of the editor.

Once you save your email...
After you've saved your email, you can now go back to your list of emails and re-open the email you just created. Here you will be presented with a few options when clicking the Actions button at the upper right hand corner.

Preview - allows you to preview this email.

Start email program - redirects you to the email programs area to create a program using this email. For more on creating an email program, click here.

Delete - scrap your email

Save as template - save this newly created email as a template for new emails, thus reducing the manual labor involved in creating a similar email in the future

Send test - allows you to send this email as a test to yourself or colleagues for the purpose of seeing how it appears in a specific browser

Remember that you can sort your emails according to the created or modified dates.

For more on viewing analytics regarding your emails, visit this support article.

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