Email Programs is the area within Leadsius that allows you to kick-start a campaign or series of events.

Think of your Email Programs as a manual push, perfect for campaign launches, event invitations and the likes.

Email Programs work hand-in-hand with workflows to complete your marketing automation ecosystem.

To create an Email Program…
Click Publish > Emails > Email Programs > Add New:

First create a name for your email program and a brief description. Click Save (Save & Close will remove you from creating your email program):

From here you are now presented with your first “task” to create:

The first step is to select the email in which you’re looking to use for this particular program:

Once you’ve selected the email, you can now choose who you would like this email to come on behalf of. Maybe you wish to have it come from your general company email address or instead, you’d like it to come on behalf of a particular staff member.

Now that you’ve decided who the email will be sent on behalf of, it’s time to select who you’re sending to. In this section you’ll find all of the lists you’ve created within Leadsius as well as a note on whether this list is smart or static.

(How to create lists): 

Following this, select your reply email and create a subject for your email:

Now that you’ve input all of the information in the left-hand column, it’s time to decide whether this email will be launched immediately or scheduled for launch. 

Before moving on to your next task within your new email program, save your task by clicking Save Task at the bottom right hand corner. 

If opened

By clicking, “if opened,” you’re telling Leadsius to send another email either immediately or with a delay only if the preceding email was opened.

This, in essence, is a drip campaign, and is a great way to begin nurturing relationships with your leads by sending them content that’s relevant to their interests.

Here’s what the “if opened” section looks like as a second task to your email program:

If not opened

By clicking, “if not opened,” you’re telling Leadsius to send a follow-up email after X amount of time passing from the previous email being sent.

This is a great way to ensure that you’re doing all you can to have promotional offers, event invitations or any email opened and clicked. A great tactic here is to utilize the same email, but alternate the subject lines you’re using.

You create an “if not opened” task the same way as an “if opened” task (mentioned above). Here’s an example of what an “if not opened” progression could look like:

For more on viewing the analytics regarding your email programs, visit this support article.

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