Workflows is the module within Leadsius that could be considered the heart and soul of marketing automation: trigger based reactions.

Workflows are what you create to listen to and respond accordingly to a number of actions people may take while interacting with your content.

To create a workflow…

Click Publish > Workflows > Add new:

Create a name and description for this workflow, as well as a start and end date for this trigger to remain active within. Click Save (Save & Close will remove you from creating your workflow):

Next you will be prompted to select the Trigger (or action) for this particular workflow as well as the segment for which it will pertain to.

*You can leave your segment as “all” or segment it to apply this trigger based action to only a select portion of your audience:

There are a wide selection of Triggers that you can utilize to have Leadsius react upon, such as: 

Once you’ve selected your trigger (in this case we use a webform submission as an example), you can then click save and add task

Now you can define what email will be trigger sent based upon this action. As with email programs, you’re able to set rules for “if opened” and “if not opened”:

  •  To add more tasks to this same workflow (aka, build upon it), simply click Add new task located towards the bottom of the screen. 
  •  Always remember to save your work before moving on:


For more on viewing analytics regarding your workflows, visit this support article.

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