We have added a set of features that will help you comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Aside from updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy we have included what we think will be useful features:

Legal settings page

We have added a new settings page called GDPR. Here you will enable GDPR and set up the checkbox field. 

You can set up:

  • A checkbox item and link to your Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service
  • A description for this field
  • A label
  • And an error message

You will be able to preview how this will show on a simple web form. These settings can be enabled or disabled at will, when needed.

Contact consent tracking

If you enabled GDPR compliance on the GDPR settings page, you will be able to track which contact gave consent in our Contact Manager. You can also use this column for ordering, if needed.

Consent tracking on Web forms

Once you have set GDPR compliance, all your web forms will now have the consent checkbox as the last field, before the submit button.

We have also added an option to disable this feature on a webform basis. You can find these settings by going to the webform editor, Settings and then GDPR:

Consent tracking on emails

If you already have an existing contact database prior to GDPR, you can send emails to your contacts with the new consent link which, when included on an email, will point the user to a special landing page that will show the checkbox configuration set on the Legal settings page. That way you can ask your existing contacts for consent to your new Terms of Service if needed.

Permanent Deletion

We have included a new feature that will ensure that all personal data related to a contact is properly eliminated from the system.
Now, if you want to delete a contact you have two choices:

  1. Archive: this will work the exact way as delete worked before. You won't be able to access to the contact data from the system. However there is some data still store on the database.
  2. Permanent delete: this will effectively erase all physical data related to this contact from our databases. This includes: contact data, custom fields, webform submissions and email history, together with all the tracking data collected for this contact.

If you deleted permanently a contact by accident, you must contact us immediately, we have a 7 day grace period before the data is physically deleted.

Consent filter

You will be able to create a filter using the "Consent" filter option, choose if you want to filter out contacts with or without consent. This is useful, for example, if you want to filter out contacts that did not give consent.

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