Picklists are used in Contacts and Companies databases (Home > Manager) to categorize and administer email Contacts and Companies manually.

Your email Contacts and Companies are managed under Home > Manager, but the actual fields and values for Contacts and Company are added and modified in Home > Settings > Picklist editor

Choose the field you wish to add a value to, under Filter by picklist label

  • Contact-related fields (Stage, Status, Source, Grade, Department), and 
  • Company-related fields (Type)

Click Add new to add a new picklist value

While field names for Contacts and Companies (e.g. Stage, Status, etc) are available in Leadsius, there are no default values assigned to them. It's up to you to create values that best fit your company. However, here are a few suggestion to get your started.

Contact-related fields:

Stage = Early, Mid, Late OR Marketing lead, Sales lead, Opportunity, Client

= Not contacted, Contact pending, Closed

= Email, Website, Social, Event, Advertising, Partner, Telemarketing

= Cold. Warm. Hot

= Sales, Marketing, HR, etc

Company-related fields:

Type = Analyst, Client, Competitor, Lead, Other

In the example below, we chose the Stage field under Filter by picklist label and added the picklist value Early. 

  • Click on Save & Close

Updates to picklist values will automatically appear under Manager > Contacts and/or Manager > Companies.

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