Custom fields are extra data fields you can add to your Contact and Companies in order to capture additional information when creating and saving those records. You can filter Contacts and Companies based upon custom field criteria.

While Picklists help you add values to the existing fields for Contacts and Companies, it is in Settings > Custom fields where you can create additional fields (properties) for email contacts and companies in your database. This helps you administer your contacts and companies.

Note: Data can also be imported into custom fields using the CSV data import feature if your CSV exported data records include custom field data. Make sure the custom fields and values you add are identical to those in your CSV file; if not, they will not be properly imported.

For example, let’s add the field Gender under Contacts.

  • Under Name, chose the name of the new field, in this case Gender
  • Under Type, chose the format (type) you want this field to be displayed as

There are following default types of custom fields:

Text box. A single text box that allows for input on one line of text (e.g. Name or Description in the screenshot above)

Text area. Much like the text input except a text area allows for multiple rows of data to be shown and entered.

Picklist. Drop-down list with several options, with the limit to select only one of the options (e.g. Type in the screenshot above)

Check box. Can contains several specific options, usually related. You may have seen these fields with the "Check all that apply" option. It can also be a single on/off checkbox if there are only two options to chose from. (seeRequired on the right hand side in the screenshot above)

Radio. Radio selects the same way as picklist (drop-down), but it contains several concrete options, allowing you to select only one of the options.

Multi-select picklist. Similar to picklist, but you can select more than one option.

  • Mark Required if you want to make this field mandatory (in other words, the filed needs to be filled out in order for you to be able to save the contact info).
  • Under Category, choose whether you want this field to appear under Contacts or Companies.
  • Under Item, specify the value, e.g. Male/Female
  • Click Plus(+) to add additional values
  • Click Save & Close

All new custom fields will appear under Manager > Contacts and Manager > Companies, at the bottom of the page.

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